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We are dedicated to meeting your needs and your specific requests for your galley, interior and service departments. Try our expertise for food, beverages, household products, toiletries, flowers and more!

We are a flexible and helpful team working together in a very professional structure. Our team will provide you with top quality produce and that extra touch of personalised friendly service.

We are working with the largest provisioning suppliers of the country, and local suppliers for the yachts cruising in the region. We are able to ensure that whatever your requirements, from fresh fruit and vegetables to medical equipment and even spare parts. You may also like to sample the local cuisine and the freshest foods. You’ll have what you need when and where you need it.

From gourmet provisions to crew provisions – we combine locally purchased products with flown in products to ensure that the food supplied stays fresh for the duration of the charter and yet remains economical.

We have been a high quality supplier working together with butchers who have lots of experience in the region. Together we take care of tailor-made deliveries. We consider the professional selection, preparation and distribution of meat products. It is our mission to offer especially local meat of a constant high quality.

Fish & Seafood
We work with the best fish suppliers in the area with experience. We always provide premium quality & daily freshest fish for both local and imported.

Fruit & Vegetables
Our partners in fruit and vegetables are with feeling and passion for their products. We strive for the best possible products available. Whether you would like local grown products or imported exotic fruits you have come to the right place.

Groceries Cheese & Dairy Dairy products are considered to be basic nutrients throughout the world. Turkey is renowned for its excellent cheese variety. Besides we are able to supply most of the kinds of foreign cheeses.

Bread & Bakery Interior Supplies We can supply and deliver all interior products in item lots or in bulk. From printer cartridges to hygiene and spa products, beach umbrellas and sunscreen, medical supplies and cleaning products, party favors and bedlinens, electronics and games, we are used to sourcing the full spectrum of on board requirements and requests.

Wine & Spirits Especially in the last years, the buzz over the quality and vibrant personality of Turkish wines has been growing in the world. There are lots of local wineries who had prizes all around the world. Turkey is already producing world-class wines, from international and local varieties. The potential of the latter have been rejuvenated by the renewed respect paid to them by a new generation of wine-makers. Technical expertise is extremely high, and home-grown winemaking talented is supplemented by world-class winemakers from as far away as France and Australia. Local wines would be intereseting for your guests onboard. Besides local wines we are working with the major importers of wine and spirits around Turkey to provide a wide variety of wine & spirits.

International Food & Ingredients
Organic Products

We work with the best florists and suppliers – locally and overseas. With enough lead time we can supply virtually any type of cut or loose flowers, but we also work with the best florists on the region to deliver arrangements to your size and budget specifications.

What else do you need?
If there is anything that you need and don’t see listed above, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. We pride ourselves in our first class service and our aim is to be dedicated and efficient in the service we give to yachts while cruising in the region.