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Yacht Brokerage Service

To buy the most suitable yacht within your budget, you should analyze the whole data base in the market, work with an expert, and travel to places to see the yachts. In this context, you can authorize our Brokerage Department; thereby you can have the researches done for you and get informed with periodic reports. Our brokerage department will lead you to decide rationally by working in cooperation with its partners worldwide. Our brokerage team provides high quality brokerage services for; gulets, ketches, tirhandils, catamarans, rib, powerboats, sloops, schooners, motor yachts, mega yachts and superyachts.

Our team can give you an overview of current and future trends as well as specific details about yachts in your price and size range. Buying a yacht with NIS could not be easier.

NIS Brokerage is your one-stop place for a thorough market assessment when buying a yacht. You can trust that our market assessment will be complete, accurate, and customised within your personal parameters.

Negotiations Every yacht purchase involves financial negotiations, and our experts at NIS have been helping buyers of yachts make smart deals for generations. We use our in-depth knowledge of past trends and future projections to ensure that you receive real value for your yachting investment.

Technical and Legal NIS Brokerage prides itself on providing every possible resource to buy a yacht, including having experts available to answer technical and legal questions.

Important Questions Our team at NIS Brokerage encounters such questions every day. We ensure that yacht buyers receive answers that are not only accurate, but also thoughtful and complete. Even more, we work hard to answer questions that you may not think to ask, but that can have a real impact on your yachting lifestyle. Our goal is to use the entirety of our experience to your benefit both during and after the yacht purchasing process. We want you to be part of the yachting community, as well as part of the NIS Brokerage family, for many years to come.